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Call recording overview

Call recording allows you to record some or all of your inbound and outbound telephone calls. By recording your calls, you have a resource for training your staff and a permanent record that can be used to alleviate and resolve potential disputes arising as a result of misunderstood telephone conversations. A recording of a call allows you to quickly check what was said in a telephone conversation allowing you to avoid the mistakes and misunderstandings that can arise from misheard telephone calls. This is particularly important in the financial, credit control and legal sector where misunderstandings can have serious financial or legal consequences. However, any business sector can benefit from using call recording both as a training tool and for ensuring accuracy.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on strengthens the requirement to keep personal data safe and in accordance with the wishes of the person the data is about. Call recording provides an additional tool to ensure you have a record of the permissions and restrictions your customers gave you about how their data can be handled.

Types of call recording

Calls can be recorded on equipment installed at your premises or remotely on a hosted call recording platform. We offer both types of call recording. Depending on the call recording product you use, call recording can be configured to record all calls, to record just inbound or outbound calls, or to record individual calls on demand when needed.


Hosted call recording does not require any equipment to be installed on your premises and is available for any telephone line and telephone system anywhere in the UK. The recordings are accessed via a secure web site, where they can be downloaded and played as required. As the service is hosted, you only pay for the service you need – recording inbound calls, outbound calls or both. The service has a number of options allowing you to configure it to your requirements.


Call recording can be done on equipment installed in your office and connected to your telephone system. On some telephone systems, it is also possible to record calls on the telephone system itself. Depending on the telephone system and the equipment used to record calls, the equipment can typically be configured to record some or all calls as required with the recordings stored on a computer in a database dedicated to call recording. This database can be searched allowing you to find the recording you need and play it.

Recorded calls can be encrypted and are suitable for use in a court of law should the need arise. We have a number of options available for all the telephone systems we supply and can install call recorders in the East Midlands area we cover. Equipment can be purchased outright or leased over a number of years.

Call recording features

Typical features of any call recording system whether hosted or owned are shown below. Call recording can be customised to include the features you need.

  • Automatic recording

    The service records all telephone calls.

  • Record on demand

    You can manually start and stop the recording by pressing a button during the call.

  • Record only the calls you want to record

    For example, record only inbound calls or record only calls from certain extensions.

  • Email delivery

    Delivers the recording to a nominated email address as soon as the call is finished.

  • Storage

    If you own the call recording system, the recordings are kept on a PC on your site. For hosted call recording, they are kept on a secure server for up to 6 years and can be downloaded and stored indefinitely on your own computers.

  • Searchable database

    Call recording comes with a searchable database allowing you to find and play the calls of interest.

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