Office equipment leasing Hereford

All the products we sell can be bought outright, meaning you own the equipment as soon as our invoice is settled. For many business owners, this is their preferred way of acquiring new office equipment such as telephone systems and computers.

Leasing provides an alternative for high-value office equipment, allowing the cost to be spread over a number of months or years and also allowing the lease payments to be set against tax. Leasing your office equipment allows you to have the equipment you really need that's best suited to your business, taking into account future growth, rather than being restricted to just what you can afford today.

Our recommended lease provider can offer leases for equipment with a value from £1000 upwards and leases are available for telephone systems, IT and computer equipment, telematics and furniture. Payments are typically monthly or quarterly and over a period of 3 to 7 years. Products included in the lease do not necessarily have to have been provided by ourselves.

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