Perry Bebbington – Managing Director

Perry Bebbington
Managing Director

Perry's interest in telephones started at an age of just 4 when he watched an engineer who had come to fix his parents' home telephone. The keen telecoms interest continued in later years and Perry remembers with great fondness how he set up his first telephone 'system' from two old telephones his father had brought home from work for him to play with.

Now with over 37 years' telecoms experience, Perry has worked on every kind of telecoms equipment there is, his career starting with a 3-year apprenticeship with the GPO, and continuing with BT, then Mercury Communications from 1986 to 1999, undertaking various technical and managerial roles including being responsible for maintenance for the whole of the West and East Midlands. Perry's career progressed to contact roles with the Post Office IT department in Chesterfield and with NTL, where his achievements included the creation of a call centre and the setting up of fault handling processes at their Withenshaw site.

As well as being Managing Director, Perry's main duties lie in networking and business generation. Of course, he still loves to play with telephones and cables, getting involved with some of the larger installations.

When it's time to relax, Perry enjoys good food and watching films and, whenever possible, a trip to the nearest rollercoaster. His love of electronics carries through to his free time and he is currently developing test equipment, designed and built himself, to use at SEP Telecom Solutions.