Telephone system for Baldwin Cox Ltd, Beeston

Our phone system at Baldwin Cox Ltd was very old and due to the growing workforce, we needed a system with more extensions, which our existing system could not handle. SEP Solutions gave us a number of options and a system was agreed. Less than a week before the new system was due to be installed, the old system died. SEP Solutions fixed the old system before installing the new system when they stated they would.

SEP Solutions were efficient, and did what they did when they stated they would do it at a competitive price. I would recommend them to anyone.

Andy Crossley
Managing Director

Baldwin Cox Ltd

Baldwin Cox had an ageing Samsung DCS-816 telephone system that had served them well for many years but they had outgrown it as they had more staff than it was capable of supporting. We offered them the choice of a new Samsung OfficeServ 7100 telephone system or an NEC SV8100 telephone system, and they chose the SV8100. They now have a phone for every employee and a system capable of growth should they need more phones in the future.