Secure data destruction

Computer data is stored on a hard drive or solid state drive. Hard drives store the data on a magnetic disc called a platen and solid state drives store the data electronically. Both kinds of storage device are designed to be very robust and to keep your data safe from loss. This is all very well while you are using the drive in your computer, but not what you want when you come to dispose of it. Perhaps you have bought a new computer and want to give the old one to a friend or to a charity. Perhaps you have kept the computer but upgraded it with a new drive and need to dispose of the old one safely. However you come to have a spare drive, your precious and probably confidential data will still be perfectly readable on your old drive, even if you have deleted it.

To ensure no-one else can read your data, you need to be sure the data has been completely wiped. We can destroy the data on your drive, working on site to government security standards. We do the work on site so you can see us doing it and so there is no chance of your precious drive along with your precious data going astray and getting into the hands of people who really shouldn't have it. Once your drive has been securely wiped, you can safely give it to a friend or charity, or dispose of it at your local council recycling collection point for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), secure in the knowledge that whatever happens to it, your data has been safely deleted.