SMS customer feedback & surveys

Almost everyone in the UK owns a mobile phone, which makes SMS text messaging an ideal tool for keeping in touch with your customers. Text messaging can be used to confirm appointments, send reminders and carry out surveys, allowing you to quickly get feedback on your customers' experience of your services.

Text messaging is a highly-effective tool for getting instant customer feedback immediately after the event, which is exactly when your customers have formed their opinions and are most likely to want to give their opinions to you. Whether it's praise for your service or an opportunity to improve, the best time to capture your customers' opinions is right after they have used your service and SMS text messaging gives you an ideal tool for doing so.

  • No lengthy outbound calls, saving call costs and staff time
  • Create fully-automated surveys, freeing up staff time and allowing customers to respond when it suits them
  • Create and customise surveys in minutes
  • Send surveys immediately or schedule for future broadcast
  • Comprehensive reporting tools allow you to download and analyse responses
  • View results as they come in
  • Create unlimited bespoke surveys

Our SMS text service provides you with a web interface, allowing you full control and the ability to customise your surveys from adding your own branding and logo design to the exact questions asked and how the data is collected.

Surveys can include questions with radio buttons, sliders from 1 to 10 and free text input, allowing for more in-depth feedback. There is no limit to the number of questions and surveys can run indefinitely or to an expiry date of your choosing.

Once a survey has been completed, the raw data is available in your online account and is available for analysis, storage and reporting. Data arrives in real time and can be downloaded as required. Any exceptional feedback can be immediately identified for additional personal attention as required.

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