Telephone system maintenance, service & repair Grantham

Modern telephone systems are very reliable but even the best technology breaks down occasionally. As your business depends on reliable telecommunications to succeed, we offer a range of telephone system maintenance and support packages to suit your business needs.

Telephone systems we have supplied and installed

For new telephone systems that we have supplied and installed, we give a 1 year on-site warranty.

After the first year, we offer a maintenance contract based on an annual payment to cover repairs following a breakdown.

Telephone systems supplied by a 3rd party

For telephone systems supplied by a 3rd party, we offer a maintenance contract based on an annual payment and covering repairs following a breakdown.

We might want to inspect your telephone system and repair any problems found prior to giving a maintenance contract.

Ad hoc maintenance

For older telephone systems where parts are difficult to obtain or for customers who prefer not to have a contract for their telephone system, we also offer ad hoc maintenance based on our standard charges for labour and parts.

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