Spam Policy

Definition of spam

Spam email is unsolicited marketing email, which means marketing email sent without the permission of the recipient.

UK law states that organisations may only send marketing emails to individuals who have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly-defined customer relationship.

You can read more about spam email and UK law on the Information Commissioner's Office web site.

Spam email sent from us

We at SEP Solutions Ltd have a zero tolerance spam policy and thus do not send spam as we do not believe it to be a legitimate or moral means of generating business.

We do not currently run any mailing lists, and have no immediate plans to do so. Any mailing lists we might run in the future will be strictly opt-in only. We will not add anyone to a mailing list ourselves, even where there is an existing relationship. Any emails sent via mailing lists will contain clear instructions for unsubscribing.

If you have received a spam email from any email address appearing to belong to us (i.e. ending in, the 'from' address will almost certainly have been spoofed.

Spam email sent to us

Any spam emails received by us will be reported to our web and email provider, who will use said emails for the purposes of improving existing spam filters. If you continue to send spam, your entire domain will be blacklisted. As our web and email provider provides email services to a large number of businesses throughout the UK, you might find yourselves unable to send legitimate email.

Any spam emails received by us might also be reported to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Adding us to mailing lists

Any consent we have given, or might appear to have given, to receive any marketing and/or promotional emails is hereby withdrawn for all time.

Permission to add any email address owned or operated by SEP Solutions Ltd to a mailing list, or to send marketing and/or promotional email to said email addresses is hereby denied, even where there is an existing customer or supplier relationship. This includes but is not limited to any and all email addresses ending in