Setting the date and time on NEC XN120 telephone systems

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Many telephone systems show the date and time on the display of system phones. This article explains how to set the date and time on NEC XN120 telephone systems.

Setting the time on NEC XN120 telephone systems can be done using an XN120 Vision phone. These are the NEC display phones that are supplied with the XN120. It is not possible to set the date using a phone.

The time on these systems should change automatically for daylight saving time (DST). Unfortunately, it is not enabled by default and most engineers do not bother to enable it. If it does not, contact us as we might be able to help.

  1. Do not lift the handset.
  2. Press Call.
  3. On systems installed by SEP Telecom Solutions, press *828. On systems installed by another dealer, press 828.
  4. Enter the hour in 24-hour format as a 2-digit number (00 - 23).
  5. Enter the minute as a 2-digit number (00 - 59).
  6. Press Spk to exit.

Please note there is a battery inside the control unit that keeps the clock working when the power is off. As the XN120 has not been made for may years, even the more recently installed systems will have old batteries. If the date and time are wrong after the power has been off, and in particular if the date is wrong, it is likely that this battery needs to be replaced. The correct battery is a CR2032, which is located inside the control unit case.