Panasonic KX-TA624 telephone system known problems

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Intermittent problems with incoming calls


Any or all of the following might happen.

  • Some incoming calls ring the correct extensions as you expect.
  • Sometimes an incoming call only rings some of the extensions you expect.
  • Sometimes the phones ring once then stop.
  • When callers do manage to get through, they complain that they have called several times and not been answered, or that someone has answered and immediately hung up. Despite a caller saying they have called several times, you are certain that the telephones have not rung.


The problem is caused by a fault within the KX-TA624 control unit.


The only repair we know of is the complete replacement of the control unit. As the KX-TA624 has been out of production for a considerable time and new replacements are not available, we recommend either replacing it with a KX-TES824, which is very similar and uses the same telephones, or replacing it with a completely different new system.