Samsung OfficeServ telephone system known problems

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Voice mail does not allow callers to leave a message


Callers get as far as the mailbox and hear the greeting message. Once the greeting message has finished playing, the system plays "goodbye and thank you for calling" then cuts the caller off. It is not possible for callers to leave a message.

This can happen with just one or all mailboxes.


At the moment, we don't know the cause but are trying to find out from Samsung.


We can fix the problem. This usually requires a site visit unless we have remote access.

Telephones display 'connecting server'


On one or more telephones, the display looks similar to the following.

Connecting server


This is normal shortly after the telephones have been connected but should not persist for long. If you have only just connected the telephones, wait a few minutes to see if the problem clears by itself. If the problem persists, the telephones are unable to the telephone system. It is unusual for the telephones themselves to be faulty when this happens. There are a number of possible reasons for this.

  • The telephone system is not working, in which case all telephones of whatever type will not work.
  • The telephone system is working but is not connected to the local area (computer) network.
  • If the telephones are on a different site to the telephone system, the internet connection at one or both sites is not working.


For telephones on the same site as the telephone system

  • Check that your computers have network and internet access. If not, this is probably why your telephones don't work. You should fix this first before investigating the problem with the telephones. Please contact us for advice.
  • Check the system is connected to the mains and is powered up. If the power has only been turned on within the last 5 minutes, wait until at least 5 minutes have elapsed and check the telephones again. If the telephone system will not power up, check that there is power available to it, perhaps by plugging a table lamp or similar in the mains socket used to power it. If there is no power, fix the power problem.
  • The top left card on the phone system (MPxx) has a socket labelled 'LAN'. There should be a cable from this socket to your switch or router. Check it is plugged in properly at both ends. There is an LED also labelled 'LAN', which should be on or flashing. If it is off, there is probably a problem with the cable to the switch or router, or the switch or router are faulty or switched off.

For telephones on a different site to the telephone system control box

Check that the telephones located on the same site as the telephone system control box are working. If they are not, resolve that problem first.

Any Samsung IP telephone not on the same site as the phone system will only work if the internet connection at both sites is working. If there is a problem with the internet connection at either site, this is likely to be the cause of the problem. Once you have resolved the internet connection problem, the telephones should start working. You might have to restart them first.

We can help with telephone system problems, computer network problems and internet connection problems. If the above advice does not resolve your problem, please call us for more help.

Telephones stop working for 5 minutes every day


Every day at around 11:00, all the telephones stop working. The problem lasts for around 5 minutes, after which they work normally until the same time the next day. On the front of the phone system, the RUN LED is flashing red.


One of the components in the phone system is faulty.


The faulty component can be replaced for a complete repair. Please contact us for assistance.