Why you need a telephone system

Running your own business from home

When you started your business, perhaps you used your home telephone line and number for business calls, or maybe you just used your mobile telephone. If you are a sole trader with a small business working from home, this may well be sufficient for your needs, although it does have the disadvantage that business and personal telephone calls get mixed up on the same telephone. The simple solution of course is to have a second telephone line installed just for business use. Now that your business has grown, your family are complaining that the business has taken over your life and the house and you know that really you need proper business premises.

Your first business premises

You've found a great little business unit perfect for your needs and are looking forward to moving in. It has a lovely reception area at the front, offices upstairs and downstairs and a big open area at the back that you can customise for storage and workspace, with room for racking and machines, a packing area and great big roller doors for deliveries. The place needs some paint before you move in but family and your employees have offered to help. You have a great deal on some lovely desks and office furniture, computers for everyone are on order and you've set a date to move in. You know that every employee needs a phone on their desk, but surely that's just a case of ordering a line for everyone, isn't it?

Just what do I need for business telecommunications?

You could just order a line for every person, but then they'd all have different phone numbers, and most business want one number for people to call them on. You'd also have phones ringing all over the place and if someone wasn't sitting at their desk, their calls wouldn't be answered. You'd be able to make calls between employees, but every call would be chargeable. If a call came in and was answered by the wrong person, you'd want to be able to transfer it to the right person, but you can't do that with a simple phone line. You've been put on hold yourself while calling other businesses and heard promotional messages about the business; wouldn't it be great to be able to do that, but how is that done? Your phone at home doesn't seem to have any way to do this. How about giving every employee their own answering machine? It's called voice mail when it's included in a telephone system and it doesn't just answer the phone.

Having a telephone system solves these and many other telephone-related problems, leaving you free to get on with your business, which is what you're best at and love doing. Telephones should work with and for your business and telephone systems are customisable to suit exactly the way you want to work. They grow with your business, allowing you to have more telephones as you get more employees but without having to order more lines. They have a host of features and to list them all here would be boring. You only need to use the features you'll get benefit from, which is where we come in. We let you tell us how you want to work, then we match the right system to your requirements and make it work the way that suits you.

That is why you need a telephone system.

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