Broadband speed improvement for The Data Analysts, Tansley

Can you please thank Dave from us. Our internet connection speed has increased by 1Mb/s, which is fantastic as that is more than twice what it used to be! 0.8Mb/s to 1.8Mb/s! It was a fun couple of hours as well, and a great result!

We live in fairly rural Derbyshire near Matlock, and our exchange is 2.5 miles away.

Tony Keys

The Data Analysts

The Data Analysts are in little village in Derbyshire near Matlock. As is so often the case with villages, the broadband provision is not very good, often due to the distance from the exchange. In the case of The Data Analysts, this was made worse by poorly-installed telephone cabling. Our telephone engineer replaced the cabling and made a big improvement to their broadband speed and reliability.