Changes to existing telephone system for Brown 2 Profit Consultancy Ltd, Stainton

We've had our phone system over 3 years and never felt in control of it so it was great to be recommended to SEP Telecom Solutions. They arrived promptly, solved the problem and suggested ways to improve what we had, and understood that we needed it to work easily. I would unhesitatingly recommend them and wish we'd met them years ago.

Sarah Brown
Managing Director

Brown 2 Profit Consultancy Ltd
South Yorkshire

Originally installed by another company, Brown 2 Profit Consultancy have an NEC XN120 telephone system. While the system was perfectly adequate for their needs, it had never been properly configured to suit the way they work and they had not been properly trained on how to use it. One of our telephone engineers visited them, found out how they wanted the system to work, reconfigured it and trained the customer how to use it properly.