Panasonic Simplified Voice Messaging (SVM) instructions

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Simplified Voice Messaging description

Panasonic Simplified Voice Messaging (SVM) is a system built into Panasonic telephone systems that takes voice messages from callers. It can be configured to take messages for individual extensions, departments or for the business' main number as required.

Instructions for using Panasonic SVM

For mailboxes other than your own

Your own mailbox is the mailbox for your own extension; other mailboxes that are not your own but that you might have access to are, for example, the mailbox for the company main number or for a department.

Dial * 4 7 <mailbox number> <PIN>, then wait for dial tone, then follow instructions for own mailbox.

For your own mailbox

Dial * 3 8 then one of the options below.

1 Record greeting message (start recording after the tone, then press Store to finish recording)
2 Play greeting message
3 Listen to messages
0 Erase greeting message (this will stop calls going to voice mail)

When listening to messages (option 3 above), the following options are available.

1 Replay
2 Save and play next
3 Delete (press Store or 1 to confirm)
4 Call back the caller who left the message
5 Go back to the previous message

The following SVM log information is stored with voice messages left by callers:

  • Caller's name
  • Caller's telephone number
  • Time recording started
  • Voice message status
  • "New" is displayed for voice messages that have not previously been listened to
  • "Old" is displayed for voice messages that have previously been listened to

Please note that the information shown on the display might vary depending on the information that was received and the type of telephone used. Only users of a 6-line Panasonic display telephone can view all of the above information.

Notification of new messages left by callers

For your own mailbox

There is a button on the phone labelled 'message', and a separate message light at the top right of the phone. When there is a new message, the message light will be lit. Press Message, then either lift the handset or press Sp-phone. The first new message will be played. Follow the instructions above.

For mailboxes other than your own

The Message button only works for your own mailbox. It does not work for other mailboxes you have access to. Your telephone might have additional message buttons for the mailboxes you have access to. If it has, these buttons will be lit if you have a new message. When there is a new message, the button will be lit and you can press it to listen to the messages. Press the illuminated message button, then either lift the handset or press Sp-phone. The first new message will be played. Follow the instructions above. If the button is not lit, pressing it doesn't do anything unfortunately, so you will need to use the codes above.

After listening to each message

If you do not want to save the message, you must delete it because SVM can only store a limited number of messages and stops working once this limit has been reached. This is true even if the 'message' is just the sound of someone putting the phone down. If you do not delete the a message, it will be saved by default.

If calls are not going to voice mail

There are 3 reasons that calls will not be answered by the voice message service:

  • No greeting message has been recorded, or it has been erased – check that there is a greeting message and record a new one if necessary.
  • The mailbox is full – delete unwanted messages.
  • The maximum number of messages has been reached. Your individual mailbox might not be full, but if other mailboxes have messages and the total number has reached the limit for the system, no more messages will be taken in any mailbox – check all mailboxes on the system and delete unwanted messages.

Additional information

  • Accessing a mailbox other than your own requires the mailbox number and a PIN. If you do not know these, consult your system supplier. For systems we have installed, we can normally advise you of these.
  • SVM does not provide any indication of saved messages. The only way to find out if there are any is to follow the instructions for listening to messages.
  • By default, the maximum number of messages per mailbox is 10 but this can be increased – contact your supplier for advice.
  • SVM only has the features described above. Full voice mail with many additional features can be added to any Panasonic telephone system. Please contact us for help.