Telephone system for FD Financial Advisers, Castle Donington

Changing any equipment in your office is never an easy decision and the prospect of the upheaval and disruption is a barrier to getting on with it.

I suspected that I was paying over the odds to BT – they're not known as being low cost after all.

I suspected that I wasn't getting the system best suited to my needs – after all, when had I last seen or heard from anyone at BT? Oh, yes – the last time they wanted to sell me something new!!!

So with a degree of trepidation, I asked Perry to guide me through my requirements and to quote for an up-to-date system.

My fears were unfounded – the decision making process was easy. He guided me and judged my needs perfectly. The new phones are great. The changeover was managed to suit our needs and happened when it was meant to and was completed by when I was told it would be.

A couple of follow-up calls at no extra charge to fine tune some options and we are now up and running and confident that we have what we should have and are paying what we should be.

Thanks, Perry and Dave.

Bryan Duchart
Senior Partner

FD Financial Advisers
Castle Donington

FD Financial Advisers had an old telephone system that was not serving their needs. After discussions to find out what they really needed their telephone system to do, we installed an NEC XN120 business telephone system.